REOMED medical transformers for more safety in medical technology

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Most modern medical examination and surgical procedures would not be possible without electricity. Whether body scanning, heart monitoring
using an electrocardiogram or dental treatment, the use of electrical equipment has replaced and improved traditional methods, whilst at the same
time making certain medical procedures possible.

The use of electricity means that there is a potential for danger, electrical applications in medical technologies especially may have particular
hazards for patients and operating personnel alike. These hazard sources will be avoided with standards like IEC 60601-1 which are responsible for
safety power supplies in the medical area.

REO has been developing advanced solutions for transforming and regulating voltage since 1925. Today REO manufactures transformers for medical
applications, which conform to global standards and set a benchmark for dependability and efficiency.


The REOMED II isolation transformer is a reliable leakage current limiter in medical systems.
Voltage-resistant materials – combined with high-quality processing – provide safe isolation from the mains input side. The inbuilt isolation transformers are designed for low internal energy loss, resulting in very low no-load losses. With regards to the input power of REOMED II, values of <1 % have been reached. A circuit breaker ensures that the transformers are protected against overload and short-circuiting on both the input and output sides. The mains input side must be operated with a mains switch with a green light. A two-pole circuit breaker on the mains side and a one-pole circuit breaker on the output side provide protection. There is no need to keep replacement fuses available, and there is also no risk of confusion as a result. Furthermore, a temperature switch is integrated into the power isolation transformer, providing additional safety if there is no internal cooling system. REOMED I

Medical systems must safely meet the leakage current requirements specified in the standard – if several devices are switched together, the overall leakage current increases accordingly.
The TÜV-certified REOMED isolation transformers are proven and reliable equipment for use with all electrical systems in a medical environment – they limit the leakage current and thus help to ensure patients’ safety.
REOMED isolation transformers are characterised by their very low magnetic stray field and high level of safety, whilst also providing high efficiency and easy connectivity.
In addition to the standard range, these transformers may be constructed in accordance with customer requirements and enhanced by adding an electronic starting current limiter, surge protection and a mains filter.

Medical transformers from REO


  • Mains input 115V, 230V or 115 / 230V or wide range 100-130V / 200-250V
  • Output 115V, 230V or 115 / 230V or wide range 100-130V / 200-250V

By default or preferably, our REOMED models are equipped as follows:

  • REOMED 300 = Option A 10
  • REOMED 600 = Option A 50
  • REOMED 800 = Option A 50
  • REOMED ≥1000 = Option A 50

Optionally available:
Inrush current limitation:

  • Option A 10 = NTC
  • Option A 50 = electronic switch-on attenuation
  • Option X1 = overvoltage protection
  • Option X2 = line filter
  • Option X3 = overvoltage protection + line filter


  • REOMED with toroidal transformers
  • Reduction of energy costs, especially with continuous use
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to lower energy consumption
  • Integrated inrush current limitation
  • Integrated short-circuit and overload protection
  • Wide range of options
  • Long service life

Overview of REO transformers