In-house logistics and production allows us to deliver our products quickly and reliably. Our products as well as replacement parts can be delivered on short notice.

90 years experience

The company REO was founded on 17.08.1925 in Berlin. In the following years, resistors for testing instruments and ballasts for arc lamps were produced. At that time adjustable resistors – whether rheostats or potentiometers – were much sought-after and necessary products in order to ensure the advancement of the electrotechnical age.

Today REO produces transformers for medical devices, which comply with global standards setting new standards in efficiency and improvement in safety.

With great attention to modern production methods, efficient work processes, and constant development REO supply manufacturers of medical electrical equipment with products which contribute to the protection of patient and operator.

REO also produces bespoke solutions integrating many of our core competencies. This allows customer-specific solutions such as special housing or mounting plates for example.

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