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REO – energy in its purest form

REO is a leading manufacturer of inductive components and systems. Since its foundation in 1925, the adjustment of current and voltage, the development and
manufacture of inductors and the elimination of disturbances have played a central role in the company’s core business. Today, its extensive know-how is reflected in a wide range of chokes in the input, intermediate and output stages of modern convertor techology.

Nevertheless, it is new ideas and in particular a high development potential that sets REO apart and allows the realization of systems with the highest reliability. With our standard products as well as with customer-specific solutions we serve markets in the field of drive technology, railway technology, renewable energies or electromobility.

Chokes of REO

  • Extensive product range
  • Manufacturing according to DIN EN 60931-1 and all EMC-relevant standards, e.g. EN 55011 and 61800-3
  • UL-certified products
  • Personal technical advice
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • REOplus: REO speaks your language – with worldwide sales offices and production facilities, REO is always close to its customers and can therefore react quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • All products are developed and tested according to DIN VDE 0565.

Our strengths – your advantage

Our experience in railway technology, which goes far beyond the requirements of “normal”
drive technology, enables us to develop highly efficient components that work reliably and over
the long term even under extreme conditions.

As a manufacturer of test systems, REO is an expert in quality and has its own test facilities which, thanks to their modular design, can simulate real-life conditions and thus serve optimum product development. Our technical experts ensure that you are not alone when buying or developing chokes – we offer you various services, such as measuring the chokes or our on-site service, which determine the exact technical conditions and enable us to offer you an economically and technically flawless solution.

With development, production and sales facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, we can react quickly on site and support you in the early stages of your projects with development and manufacturing expertise.

Our long-term employees take care of every last detail: at REO, we perform comprehensive checks on all the current transformers that leave our factories.

Current transformators from REO

For many years, REO has been active in the development, manufacture and optimization of current transformers and instrument transformers that are used in the widest variety of applications – e.g. metrology and control technology, control cabinet construction, motor-speed control and welding engineering.

As a member of different associations, REO is committed to comply with all relevant norms and certifications worldwide, as well as ensuring that products
are constantly developed to the latest state of the art. In addition and particularly in the domain of railway engineering, stringent requirements must be met in relation to external environmental effects (heat, cold, sand or moisture), resistance to shock and vibration, insulation design, and high loading capacity. These current transformers

Current transformators from REO

  • REO can supply direct replacements for many industry standard applications
  • REO’s flexible production strategy mean that small production quantities are possible
  • Individual solutions matched to your application
  • Modern core materials (nanocrystalline and amorphous) are used for the optimisation
  • REO speaks your language: Our worldwide field sales offices always keep us close to our clients – no matter what your language, time zone, or currency. A REO location is near you, guaranteeing fast, efficient and cost-effective handling for your order.
  • Reliability thanks to tests:
    All our current transformers are checked against the following criteria:

    • phase shift between primarily and secondary
    • curve shape
    • saturation
    • core in relation to the winding
    • overcurrents and overvoltages
    • dynamic behaviour of the whole current transformer

Low space requirement combined with outstanding performance

REO current transformers are particularly distinguished by their low space requirement, excellent linearity, fast response, and low iron and hysteresis losses.

Our current transformer designs are available for monitoring frequencies of up to 150 kHz and because of the tests performed before and during the production process (whether vacuum encapsulation, partial discharge measurements or high voltage testing) high reliability is ensured and are perfectly adapted to the application.

A broad spectrum of REO transformers for individual applications

Particularly in the complex area of solar and wind and other alternative energy sources, efficiency is a top priority, demanding the use of highly sophisticated power electronics.
This feeds energy reliably into applications and keeps it precisely controlled and connected. These systems and other modern applications demand high quality current monitoring to ensure precise coordination between

From simple current monitoring to the efficient reduction of energy consumption

A broad spectrum of current and voltage transformers from REO provide solutions for a number of applications – for simple current monitoring or working within frequency converters, main and subsidiary current monitoring, and for the efficient reduction of energy consumption. A variety of technologies, such as open loop and closed loop technology, and the measurement of currents ranging up to 3000 A, ensure that the application can be optimized by using a sensor from REO.

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